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#6 Pet Personals

Get a selfie with an adoptable animal at Heartland Humane Society. Post your pic along with an 'online dating profile' to help them get adopted!

#16 Canning

Experiment with pickling or jam-making. Post a picture of a teammate tasting your delicacy.

#18 Flower Delivery

Hand a bouquet of flowers to a person entering/leaving a house of worship that is not your religion, and introduce yourself.

#21 The Benton Center

The LBCC Benton Center is getting an upgrade! Simulate the short distance between the iconic old building and the new one by two or more team members three-legged racing. And be sure to record your time.

#25 Find A Grave

Help connect people to their history by posting a gravestone picture on the Find A Grave website from a cemetery in Corvallis.

Add the app to your phone, set up an account, and watch a couple of “how to” videos.

Visit a local cemetery. Find its Find A Grave page. Locate a grave at the cemetery that doesn’t have a pic on its Find A Grave memorial page. Take a pic and upload it.

Post the link to the memorial with your new pic OR a selfie of you at the cemetery to the Resilience Project Facebook page.

#51 A Full Deck

What's the card game you've always wanted to learn how to play? Canasta? Bridge? 7 Card Stud? Get someone to teach you. Bonus points if that person is 65+. Post a picture of you and your tutor in action (but not if your game includes nudity).

#70 Get on the Bus

Download the Corvallis Bus app. Go to your nearest bus stop, get on the bus (it's fareless!), and ride until you're back to where you started. Post a selfie of you on the bus.

#83 The Corvallis Show

Interview the oldest person you can find... or interview a kid. The interview needs to take place on your new talk show. Give us a clip.

#85 What’s Cooking?

Ask someone who immigrated to the United States to give you a recipe for something from their country of origin that you have never tasted. Prepare the food and take it back to them for a taste-test. Post a photo of you and your cooking mentor with the dish you prepared.

#98 6:00pm

Recruit a partner who lives in another part of the world. At 6:00pm on each day of the Games, you and your partner should exchange pictures of wherever you happen to be. On the last day, create a video showing your pairs of images.

#99 Time Capsule

Put together a collection of modern day relics and stash it somewhere so that when it's found in 100 years the people of 2119 they'll get a realistic look at what life was like in 2019. Post a picture of its contents

#105 Open Streets

Come spend an hour our booth at Open Streets on August 18th. Chat with a stranger for a minute, then write a 60 second autobiography. We'll be at Lilly Park (SE Bethel & SE Lilly) from 12:00-4:00.

#107 Make It Work

Make a piece of clothing out of something unconventional, then put it on and give us your best runway walk. One or more designs will be displayed in the window of Seoul Sisters after the Games!

#113 High Fives at Open Streets

Ride the Open Streets bicycle left turn lane! During Open Streets on August 18, travel by bike through the painted lane, going from SE Bethel to SE Thompson (or vice versa), give at least 2 high fives and capture it by photo or video. Bonus points for those who post to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with the tag #openstreetscorvallis2019

(Click image for street map)