All-Stars - Kriste

You become an All-Star when you attend your third Community Workshop. In May we had 4 All-Stars. I asked them why they keep coming back.

Paul, Hezekiah, Diane & Jeff

Paul, Hezekiah, Diane & Jeff

Paul: It is a creative outlet that uses many disciplines. The people who attend these sessions are from a broad range of the Corvallis population which adds texture and balance to the group. The end result is a form of uninhibited self-expression that is funneled into a cohesive work through simple technology that renders ideas and feelings into durable media.

Hezekiah: Putting words with music and images is a triple threat and has became rather obsessive for me because it gives so many options for the speaker and the audience to engage in.

Diane: The story that I end up telling always ends up very different from the one I think I will tell. That's because of the creative input of the group, the questions that they ask, the ways they focus on a particular portion of the broader idea. It makes me drill down on specifics and makes me a better storyteller .Plus, the folks that show up are especially cool and interesting people.

Jeff: I attended my first workshop with the intention of creating a single digital story. This effort required the learning of a new (to me) film editing application, and it took some time. Once I'd finished my first story - a tribute to my Dad - I started having a deluge of ideas for additional stories, and this hasn't stopped. The creative process, and filmmaking in general, these have a way of inviting you in and inviting you back.