Near Unison



My chosen name not from birth is Hezekiah Franklin. I have been a part of the community workshop for almost a year. Been mainly taking footage from films and mixing them with music samples and putting my poetry over them. My work can be viewed on YouTube under the username naomiskies.


I don’t like food but I have to eat
I don’t like sex but I still get hard-ons
I’ve never loved but still engage in relationships
I don’t like life and continue to live cause there is nothing else and I definitely do not want the alternative
Everything becomes a conditioned aphrodisia
I loved music until it became a obsessive disease with a fatal come down
I used to like a lot of thing that no longer please me
But the urge remains

There are eggs in my nest I can’t leave behind till they hatch
Afraid to leave my nest to go and hunt
If I had no nest I wouldn’t have anything left to defend
Wherever I forage wherever I find my prey
There my nest will lay
When return from the hunt I can tell someone’s been in my nest


I don’t want anything I have to guard
I would forget about life but I have to check my periphery
I do not want to beat another out to exists
This is how I exhibit free will
This is not convincing another person to do the same
Everyone’s exhibition of their free will leads to the same source
There would be an imbalance if sides were taken
When birth stems from death and the beauty of birth is painful
Strains of dna projecting out the indiscriminate source
It is in my nature to wince
I resist my nature and will never be a part of something I do not believe in
A unbiased objector a genuine pretender and contradiction
I do discriminate I don’t like hearin shit I don’t dig
I know what it feels like to be blinded to the point reason cannot get through
So I know what it appears as
Unable to be talked out of a conviction even if caught red handed one will deny
What the world turns anyone into
Mandates and mentality’s (irrevocable)
Not trynna impose my reality
We cannot walk the same route
To see the reality imposed on or made by oneself
To spectate the writhing misery of someone in a belligerent loop in a maze in a cage in a phase
Nothing to say or do cause you’re in your own too
And there is no way out for all participants
Whether you play the game or sit out
I will not protect my life feeding the infection through every exchange in the system
My enemy is a byproduct of nature
Yin and yang positive and negative
I feel this dissonant uneasy friction
Thoughts take my breath away
Speaking words from a language that was dead as soon as it was uttered
Every moment negates the previous momentum
The disease adapts on this channel from this station being broadcast
Brief anomalies in time solidify
When thoughts sprout new life
Spoken through… in unison with


Giving motion to the current of thought
Bringing to life ideas
Imagination on display
Animate truth