Life Can Always be a Stump


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Is the potential for life ever dead? A piece of a tree showed me no. My name is Shawn, 150 words Carly said. I came from the Bakken, North Dakota. Refer to the first line, not only did I almost lose my physical body, ie. Dead. I came very close to losing my very soul to greed and death. I am coming off 30 years of travel across this country. This is a new beginning in my life now. Believe me it is complicated. So, this is an introduction for me too. I have not been on a computer for over 15 years. Like I said It is complicated. I recently saw a cut log used for resting feet. Painted over years ago. Yet by no human intervention new life has begun. Just as my new life begins exactly 30 years later from when it all started. Life is truly complicated.