Digital Storytelling?


"Fear" was Kriste's first digital story, created at a workshop for educators at the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, CA, in the spring of 2009.

What is Digital Storytelling?

The Center for Digital Storytelling (now known as Storycenter) is the organization responsible for refining the method of using digital media tools to enhance personal storytelling.

The personality of the storyteller drives the creation of a digital story, so completed stories are quirky and imperfect and personal: folk-art for the 21st Century.

A Definition We Like: "There's a strictness to the construction of a Digital Story: 250 words, a dozen or so pictures, and two minutes is the right length. As with poetry these constraints define the form (e.g. a haiku is a poem written using 17 syllables, and the 14 lines of a sonnet are written in iambic pentameter) and it's the observation of that form which gives the thing its elegance."                              - Daniel Meadows