Digital Stories

Stories will be screened at our popup theater during the Corvallis Arts Walk the following month (126 SW 1st Street).

Here are a few digital stories made in collaboration with the Resilience Project.

Pieter thinks a lot about moving and staying still. He made this story during a class at Linn-Benton Community College.

Tanya - This was very therapeutic for me, I always think people would judge me because of my past and after I told my story I realized no one judged me at all.

Deborah's digital story was created in a workshop with residents and staff of a beautiful former hotel in downtown Corvallis that has been converted into apartments for low-income seniors and people with disabilities. "Place" was the theme of the workshop stories.

Kriste's mom, Penny, wanted to see what all of the digital storytelling fuss was about, and this was the story she wanted to tell. 

Josh and his family made this digital story as part of a tradition at Muddy Creek Charter School in Corvallis, Oregon. The 5th graders make digital stories to show during their graduation ceremony.

Kriste - I planned to make this digital story at the second workshop I attended at Storycenter. The other folks in my group got really fired up about the story (the unofficial title was "Kindergarden #@%*$"). I wasn't sure how to illustrate it, and someone suggested that I paint the picture again. When I got back to Oregon, I set up in the kindergarden classroom of my elentary school, and my photographer friend Lisa took the pictures. I love how it turned out.