Summer Games 2019 header.jpg

Congratulations to our three winning Summer Games 2019 teams:

Gold - The Hoke Pokémon
Silver - Squirtle Squad
Bronze - Tithy Rotten Scoundrels

If you consider yourself a creative community-minded bit of a goofball, or, if you just want to shake things up this August and want to do something fun with your friends, this is for you! The Summer Games is a community scavenger hunt where you win points toward an actual medal presented by our Mayor, Biff Traber. Think of how cool you'll look walking around town with a sweet medal around your neck.

A list of 100+ events will be posted on August 17th, and your team does as many of them as you can/want until August 25th. It's a fundraiser for The Resilience Project, and it's $50 for a team of 5  - $10 or less each for a week of shenanigans that will light up your day and light up the days of the folks who cross paths with you.

There are lots of kid-friendly events, and if you aren't in the Corvallis area, you can still do the Games and delight the folks in your own community. Most events don't require all team members to participate at once, so don't worry about complicated scheduling.

Not sure? Be bold. Go for it. You'll be a force for good in the universe.