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Corvallis Arts Walk 2019

Corvallis Arts Walk 2019

The Resilience Project empowers at-risk people in our community to turn their experiences into stories of strength. We will start small, and build a robust, active organization, coordinating a variety of community-building projects and events focused on sharing experiences. We have big dreams of eventually bringing programming to communities across the country and the world.

In cultures all over the world, stories are a way for people to communicate what happened to them and what they learned. Stories of hardship and how people prevailed are often become a cornerstone of a community’s identity. People who have been through tough events also tell themselves a story about what happened and this story becomes an integral part of who they are and how they see the world. 
Digital storytelling will be the cornerstone of the Resilience Project. Digital storytelling is built on narrative writing in a workshop setting, with the storytellers turning their stories into short digital videos that can be shared with local and global communities.

We are looking to partner on projects in the Mid-Willamette Valley. Please get in touch with us to get something good started!

Want to get involved? Join us!

  • Community Workshop on the third Saturday of the month (Register Here)

  • Corvallis Arts Walk (CAW) Popup Theater on the third Thursday of the month (4-8PM)

  • The Summer Games Fundraiser every Summer