Who We Are - Staff

Andrea Myhre - Executive Director
Kriste York - Creative Director

Andrea Myhre



My hero: Margaret Mead

Me in one word: Builder

Why I'm here: I love hearing people's stories. We can find humanity and so much meaning in learning about each other's experiences. 

Executive Director

Inspired by Kriste’s digital storytelling work with at-risk youth, my work in social services and Ethnography, I see the Resilience Project as a tool to help people process their traumatic experiences in a positive way. In cultures all over the world, stories are a way for people to communicate what happened to them and what they learned. Stories of hardship and how people prevailed are often become a cornerstone of a community’s identity. People who have been through tough events also tell themselves a story about what happened and this story becomes an integral part of who they are and how they see the world.  

In many ways my personal story has led up to this point of starting an organization dedicated to helping individuals and communities process trauma. Through all of this, my belief in the power of relationships and community has grown, storytelling is a key part of this power. I look forward to using my skills as a program developer, grant writer, educator, and innovative thinker to help empower people everywhere. 



Kriste York

I have spent 20 years in education - as an elementary school teacher and now as a community college instructor. I teach in the Writing Department at Linn-Benton Community College.

I love road trips, dive bars, and talking to people about their tattoos (sometimes I do all three at once).

My hero: Charles Kuralt

Me in one word: Enthusiast

Why I'm here: I believe in the life-changing powers of narrative. Digital storytelling saved my life, and I feel called to give to others who will use their own narratives strengthen themselves and their communities.

Creative Director

My first digital storytelling experience was at a Center for Digital Storytelling workshop for educators in 2009. I went back a few months later for an intensive training for workshop facilitators. I used digital storytelling to process the medical drama I went through later that year. I developed a Master's degree program at Oregon State University combining research in composition, community, and resilience.

I develop and facilitate digital storytelling workshops with diverse groups, and I especially enjoys working with at-risk populations.


Andrea & Kriste

Andrea & Kriste